The Five Aero team published regular podcasts discussing the future of the aviation industry.

In episode 1, we gave a complete overview of the aviation market during the pandemic. We covered everything from Air Navigation Services, the role of the ICAO, carbon offsetting and emission targets, the future of the passenger experience, how organisations need to work together, contingency planning, destination capacity, new investors entering the market and the all important question of when passenger numbers will recover.

In episode 2, we discussed the future passenger experience, taking an in-depth look at each stage of the journey from pre-flight preparations, arrival at the terminal, check-in, security, the lounge, F&B and Duty free, boarding, in-flight and arrival.

In episode 4, we looked at the environment and balancing regulations and incentives in aviation. Amongst other things, we looked at progress the industry has made and some simple steps to make aviation greener.

Episode 5 covered airport slots which is a crucial but complicated process with an impact on airport operations, airline finances, the environment and the passenger journey. 

In episode 6, we looked at the future of the aviation and the EU (Future Relationship) bill.

In episode 7 we looked at the implications for aviation of easing tensions between Qatar and its neighbours together with our usual round up of the week's news including the end of the Norwegian long haul low cost "experiment".

The podcasts are hosted by Andrew Ward on Infracast podcasts.