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We help the aviation industry to define and implement strategies in key areas:

  • Aviation industry insights. Our knowledge of the aviation sector means that we can help understand all aspects of value in the aviation supply chain. Typically, our work here is to advise companies during strategy development or due diligence as they move into new areas of the industry.

  • Optimising performance and efficiency. We help enable client organizations to achieve a step function improvement in performance by applying advanced operational management techniques. We apply Lean Six Sigma techniques and advanced data analytics in areas such as ground handling to optimise aviation processes. We enable clients to achieve sustainable, high-performance delivery in challenging, highly regulated operational environments.

  • Environmental optimisation. From practical measures to policy advice, we are skilled in helping aviation face the environmental challenges of the next decades. We are experienced in measuring environmental impacts and introducing new procedures to minimise impacts on wider society. 

  • Product and service delivery. We help customers take new offerings to market by supporting their definition and delivery of services and products. We offer development and practical support at all stages of the lifecycle.

  • Policy definition. We help policy makers define new regulations and performance requirements to re-establish civil aviation as the enabler of economic development worldwide whilst meeting new environmental objectives.


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