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The team

Experienced aviation professionals from across the industry

Peter Lynam, Airline Management

As Head of BA Worldwide Operations, Peter designed the return to flying plan after the Icelandic volcanic eruption, led the team which transformed Heathrow Terminal 5 from its opening day issues to being awarded “Airport of the year” in three successive years, transformed the BA on time performance and led the crisis management response during adverse weather events and industrial disruption. He also held senior roles in Planning, Strategy and Engineering at BA and now advises CEOs and COOs worldwide on operations, transformation, process and organisation.

Rowland Hayler, Airport Operations

Rowland is a highly experienced process transformation consultant and programme manager with proven change leadership and analytical skills developed over thirty years. He specialises in the practical application of advanced business process engineering techniques to deliver transformational performance improvements within service industries. His aviation career includes leadership on several large-scale transformational programmes at Gatwick & Edinburgh airports. Most recently he developed Gatwick’s Single Runway Optimization plans to achieve 60 ATM’s on its single Main Runway and devised the highly innovative Dual Runway Operational Concept.


Graham Lake, Air Traffic Management

Graham is the former Director General of CANSO, the ANSP Trade Association, following a career in Air Traffic Control and Aviation Services management including aircraft communications and passenger & baggage processing. Graham has participated in many international policy groups and thought leadership committees. He has comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the institutional structure, policies, technologies and regulations in use and planned for air traffic control and management worldwide, including their application to airlines, airports. He consults for airports, suppliers and ANSPs.


Ben Alexander, Finance

Ben has 25 years’ experience of financial services and risk management as a private equity partner and director at London investment bank. He has been a board director of businesses ranging from start-up to £200m revenue and led corporate acquisitions and institutional fund-raisings. Ben is a commercial adviser to HM Government’s Cabinet Office and holds a private pilot’s licence


Nick McFarlane, Policy and Regulation

Nick is co-founder and former Managing Director of aviation consultancy Helios. He has a long consultancy career in aviation with a focus on air traffic management and airports. He has worked extensively for government and non- government institutions such as the EC, Eurocontrol, and aviation regulators, as well as major airports, air navigation service providers, investors and industry. He is also a co-founder of a company that allows regulators to manage drone approvals.

Chris Tarry, Specialist advisor on Airline Business

Chris is an Economist who spent almost 20 years as a leading sell side analyst in the City of London where he was the top ranked Aerospace analyst. In 2002 he established CTAIRA as a specialised aviation advisory and consulting business with an exceptionally strong research basis. CTAIRA operates at the highest levels within companies providing services related to financial performance, strategy, investment decisions and investor perspectives.

Douglas Moule, Airline Operations

Douglas specialises in delivering operational efficiency while addressing the environmental impacts of aviation. As a highly experienced former Airbus 320 captain, Douglas brings significant operational and technical flight deck expertise. He has held roles as Crew Operations Manager responsible for all easyJet pilots, training roles within the Royal Air Force and easyJet and has chaired the AOC at Gatwick. Douglas has also held highly influential positions with Gatwick’s Flight Operations Performance & Safety Committee and more recently he contributed his extensive technical expertise on Gatwick’s Main and Northern Runway optimisation initiatives.

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